I have been working on a sport travel guide for the Czech Republic for the past year and I'm hoping to have the first volume ready for release before the 2019/2020 season.

The ebook is going to be an in-depth guide to football and hockey grounds/stadiums packed with information to help your groundhop/sports trip planning. 

Where to eat and drink?
How to buy tickets?
How to get there?
Where to stay?
Recommended itineraries

and much more!!

The book has gone through many forms but in the end I decided to go by region so volume 1 will be focussed on Prague and surrounding areas. The book covers the top 3 ice hockey leagues and all 10 tiers of Czech football to ensure you can find the most obscure games and enjoy some excellent trips!

Keep an eye on this blog and my twitter account (@czechrover) for updates on release dates.

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